Apartments For Sale in Ankara - Mahall Ankara Ofis

IP-365 Mahall Ankara Ofis

The office phase of the Mahall Ankara project, implemented by Turkerler Holding, is on sale under the name Mahall Ankara Office. It is vital for professionals to be able to meet their needs in business life. In Mahall Ankara, 214 tower offices ranging from 72 square meters to 731 square meters meet every need in business life with 101 horizontal offices.

Payment Options

VAT is on us in Mahall Ankara Office project and 0.69 percent interest in 60 months maturity campaign is implemented.

Editor’s Comment

Mahall Offices that customize workspaces as well as living spaces with architectural solutions that make life more enjoyable adds dynamism to the business world.

With its working environments that receive sunlight thanks to its architectural details, common floor gardens where you can breathe every moment of the day, air-freshening power plants, security and technological infrastructure, Mahall Offices respond quickly to your expectations. The project includes horizontal offices, tower offices and home offices.

The Horizontal Offices, located in the 5-storey building, consist of 101 offices with private entrances varying from 80 square meters to 327 square meters. 6 elevators for 13 people, private security system on the ground floor, parking for 1 car per gross 50 square meters, 6 telephone lines for each office, cable TV and central satellite infrastructure, infrastructure suitable for raised floors, 4-pipe fan coil system and women suitable for common use on each floor. /men/disabled toilets and offices where all the details are considered are waiting for you. In Horizontal Offices, each office also has the opportunity to design its own wet space (toilet, kitchen).

The 18-floor Tower offices, which customize the working spaces as much as the living spaces, with architectural solutions that make life more enjoyable, consist of 214 offices with an area ranging from 71 square meters to 2300 square meters. The offices, which have floor gardens and wide terrace options planned for common use on both floors, and a twisted facade system that receives daylight from 8 separate points but reduces the direct effect of sun rays, also provide a special access to the MAHALL BAZAAR.

Home office that combines business life with home comfort. Home offices consisting of 191 1+1 flats with area sizes ranging from 67 square meters to 179 square meters add value to both your work and your life. Home Offices, consisting of 1+1, 1.5+1 and 1,2+1 flats, bring home and business life together.

Project Features

Site Properties

  •  Security
  •  Camera security
  •  Indoor parking
  •  Central satellite system