Yuvam Bahcesehir Project ISTP – 184

315 apartments in the first phase of Yuvam Bahçeşehir Evleri Project prepared with the understanding of social municipality will be sold by lottery. The project has a total of 752 houses and 16 stores. Yuvam Bahçeşehir Houses 2+1 indoor kitchen apartments gross 95, net 66.93 square meters, 3+1 apartments gross 125, net 89.18 netrekare, 2+1 open kitchen apartments have a gross 75, net 55.06 square meters in large.

31.08.2020 Yuvam Bahçeşehir Evleri Price List

Apartment Type                             Price Range

            2+1                                  344.250 – 528.924 TL

           3+1                                   518.750 – 630.000 TL

Payment Options

Yuvam Bahçeşehir Evleri Project offers 5 percent down payment and appropriate maturity rates.

Editor’s Comment

Draw for the first stage of Yuvam Bahçeşehir Evleri

Yuvam Bahçeşehir Evleri Project, which was implemented as a social housing in cooperation with Başakşehir Municipality and Akar Group, attracted great interest from citizens. The project, which was introduced on Friday (August 14th), attracted a lot of attention from those who wanted to have a happy home. 12,814 applications were submitted in 11 days to the project, the first stage of which was offered for sale as 315 houses.

The fact that Başakşehir Municipality is the guarantor of Yuvam Bahçeşehir Evleri project was a reference in the application process of citizens. Yuvam Bahçeşehir sales office citizens, başakşehir Municipality behind the project because they said they applied with peace of heart. 12 thousand 814 people applied for the project was the most popular 3+1 houses. 6 thousand 685 people registered for apartments with 3+1 indoor kitchen options. 4 thousand 832 people applied for 2+1 indoor kitchen apartments and 1,297 people applied for 2+1 outdoor kitchen apartments.

The draw was held for the first stage of Yuvam Bahçeşehir Evleri. For 315 apartments, which is the first stage of Yuvam Bahçeşehir Evleri, real estate housing reit supervision and drawing lots in the presence of Notary. As soon as 11 days, 12,814 families applied for the entire project, 752 houses were included in the lottery.

Basaksehir Mayor Yasin Kartoğlu, “Together we will draw the lots that we are eagerly awaiting. Yuvam Bahçeşehir Houses is an important project where we struggle to make sure that everyone we set out with the motto “Housing for everyone is a home for everyone”. Our project consisting of 752 houses consisting of 3+1, 2+1 apartments in the city was built in one of the most valuable places. He’s had an unsymed demand. We have reached 12,814 applications within an 11-day period. We are very happy with the result. Lots to be broadcast on transparent live broadcasts. Hopefully soon we’ll be back with housing like this. On one important side of today’s project, our relatives of martyrs and veterans are among us on a meaningful day. Let’s give a good news on Victory Day on August 30th. We promise our relatives of 18 martyrs and veterans from here. We’re going to make you hosts. Good luck,” he said.

Yuvam Bahçeşehir Houses, which has a landscape area of 22 thousand square meters, was 5 thousand square meters of natural grove area.

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