Emlak Konut Florya Project ISTP – 43

Emlak Konut Florya Evleri Project is made up of 182 houses, 60 villas and 12 commercial units. In the project, 46 thousand square meters of trade and housing, 7 thousand square meters of private education facility area, 15 thousand square meters were separated as parks. 68 thousand square meters of land 53 thousand square meters will be built. In the project where horizontal architecture is at the forefront, height will be leveled as 3 and 4 floors depending on the elevation difference.

Payment Options

Emlak Konut Florya Evleri project ” Do Not Postpone Your Dreams Turkey” campaign is valid. According to the campaign; 10 percent discount on the list price. 180 months of credit is used with a 5 percent down payment. The first 24 months are not paid. Installment payments start in year 3. An interest rate of 0.69 percent applies for apartments under 1 million, 0.74 per cent for apartments of 1-2 million and 0.79 per cent for homes over 2 million.

Editor’s Comment


Emlak Konut GYO pressed the button for the project to be done on the land of Şükrü Balcı Police Station, which has been tendered twice before in Florya. The project, worth 1.5 billion liras, is located next door to Ataturk Airport, which is one of the most valuable land in Istanbul. Previously, the land was auctioned twice with the revenue sharing model. However, the tender was cancelled on the grounds that the bids were below the minimum price. Emlak Konut GYO, which owns the land that the leading companies of the sector follow to develop the project, decided to do the project. The project, which will be implemented under the name of ‘Emlak Konut Florya Evleri’, will have 182 houses and 60 villas.

Half of the houses in Florya Houses, which were offered for sale within the scope of Emlak Konut GYO’s ‘Do Not Postpone Your Dreams Turkey’ campaign, were sold within two days. 

Real Estate Housing Florya Houses project, 18 thousand TL per square meter unit price in houses, commercial areas per square meter unit price 25 thousand TL levels of sales are made.

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