Ozak Gokturk Project ISTP – 27

Özak Göktürk project developed by Özak REIT on its own 22-acre estate in Kemerburgaz Göktürk is made up of 157 houses. In the project consisting of four blocks, 3 blocks were planned as 4 floors and 1 block was planned as 3 floors. The ceiling height of the apartments will be 3.5-4 meters. Özak Göktürk has 2+1, 3+1, 3,5+1, 4+1, 4,5+1, 5,5+1 apartment types.

24.09.2020 Özak Göktürk Price List

Apartment Type                        Price Range

        2+1                                  From2.240.000 TL

        3+1                                  From 3.515.000 TL

Payment Options

In Özak Göktürk project, the apartments are suitable for bank loans.

Editor’s Comment

Sales started in Özak Göktürk

Designed with özak GYO’s philosophy of adding value to life, Özak Göktürk rises in a 22-acre forest-surrounded area. The project, consisting of breathing buildings up to five storeys high, was landscaped for 3/4 of the land. 

Ahmet Akbalık, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Özak GYO, said, “During the pandemic, we all realized that we need more green, healthy and sterile spaces . While we had these values, we never wanted to be completely shut down by breaking away from the essence of life. Özak Göktürk is very important at this point. Because it is a project designed with the idea of a colorful social life with values that ‘make man human’ when there is no pandemic. In other words, before the pandemic, we anticipated that the expectations and demands of consumers would be shaped in this direction. Pandemi only made this demand much stronger and faster,” he said. 

Özak GYO’s General Manager Fatih Keresteci, “Our prices per square meter during the launch period starts from the level of 18 thousand pounds. This is almost 2,000 euros per square meter. Of course, at this point, the fact that the project land in question joined Özak GYO’s portfolio about 3 years ago, and that this area is among the assets of Özak GYO, will create an important area of self-commitment for us, especially in the period of launch.”

All residences in Özak Göktürk project have balconies, terraces and living areas that open to nature, green, forest. The project has a spacious, breathing architectural concept that is in-house with the forest around it. From Özak Göktürk, Levent and Maslak can be reached in 15 minutes and Ikitelli in just 20 minutes. A new one will be added to the transportation facilities with the metro scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2021.

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