Apartments For Sale in Gokturk, Istanbul - Seba Gokturk

Seba Göktürk Evleri IP-367

Seba Gokturk Houses, built by Seba building, are built on a 42 thousand square meter plot. There are 368 flats in the project, which consists of 16 blocks. The blocks were planned as 5 floors. There are different types of residences in the project, from 1+1 to 6+1. The areas of the apartments vary between 68 and 714 square meters. The construction area of ​​the project was determined as 90 thousand 408 square meters, and the salable area was determined as 62 thousand 408 square meters.

02.07.2021 Seba Göktürk Houses Price List

Apartment Type Price Range
1+1 Prices starting from 1.750.000 TL

Payment Options

In the Seba Gokturk Houses project, a 24-month maturity is made within the company with a 35 percent down payment.

Editor’s Comment

Seba Gokturk Houses, which was built in Gokturk, the rising value of Istanbul, is serene due to its location It is located next to a creek that gives peace with its sound. A lush forest stretches on the other side of the stream. The blue-green line formed here allows you to be intertwined with nature at any moment. Seba Gokturk Houses, which is the right address for those who miss the neighborhood culture, are surrounded by nature on 3 sides, not with sites, unlike their counterparts. In addition, the fact that it is open to direct access from the main road is a unique feature of Seba Göktürk Houses. The design of the project is signed by Murat Kader and Sema Eser Ozsaruhan from Iki Design Group.

Lowest house price: 1 million 750 thousand TL

Best low square meter unit price: 24 thousand TL

Project Features

Site Features

  •  Outdoor swimming pool
  •  Children’s swimming pool
  •  Children’s playgrounds
  •  Fitness center
  •  Cafe
  •  Restaurant
  •  Security
  •  Camera security
  •  Basketball court
  •  Indoor parking
  •  Hiking trail
  •  Fountain