The Central Kemerburgaz ISTP – 29

The Central Kemerburgaz project, built by Kemeroğlu Yapı, consists of 80 apartments and 9 stores. 1+1’s gross 47 to 108, net 28 to 75 square meters, 1.5+1s gross 64 to 75, net 46 to 53 square meters, 2+1’s gross 68 to 146, net 52 to 108 square meters, 3+1s gross 123 to 160, net 85 to 120 square meters, 4+1 duplexes have gross 190, net 142 square meters in large.

02.10.2020 Central Kemerburgaz Price List

Apartment Type              Price Range

    1+1                               737.000 – 1.410.000 TL

    2+1                               985.000 – 1.900.000 TL

 1.5+1                              980.000 TL

Payment Options

The Central Kemerburgaz project is offered special payment terms. 

Editor’s Comment

There are 80 apartments and 9 stores of various types from 1+1 to 4+1 for the Central Kemerburgaz Project, which rises next to the bazaar and metro in the center of Kemerburgaz. Central Kemerburgaz, a boutique site, offers peaceful and life in touch with nature. Adjacent blocks have different types of landscapes and apartments due to the elevation difference.

The Central Kemerburgaz project is located 50 meters from Kemerburgaz Metro Station, which is scheduled to open by the end of 2020, 20 kilometers from Istanbul airport, 22 kilometers from Taksim, 17 kilometers from Maslak and 57 kilometers from Sabiha Gokcen Airport.

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