Egeyapi Ispartakule Property in Istanbul

Egeyapi Ispartakule Project ip-385

The button has been pressed for the new project that Egeyapi will start to build in the Ispartakule region. The project, which has a construction area of ​​69 thousand, includes residential and commercial areas. Details of the project will be announced in the coming days.

Payment Options

Payment terms for Egeyapi Ispartakule project are not clear yet.

Editor’s Comment

Egeyapı Ispartakule Pre-order is being collected!

Continuing the sales of CER Istanbul, Çamlıyaka Mansions, Kordon Istanbul and Batisehir projects, Ege Yapı took action for new projects. One of the projects in the pre-demand process is the Ispartakule project…

Details of the Egeyapi Ispartakule project, whose name has not yet been determined, will be announced in the coming days. Preliminary requests for the project have started to be collected.

Project Features

Site Properties

Camera security
Indoor parking