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Mesa Mesken Sanayii A.Ş. The Mesa Cengelkoy Bosphorus project, which was built by A.Ş., is built on a land of 10 thousand 493 square meters. There are 54 independent sections in the project, which consists of 4 horizontal blocks with four floors. Flats in different sizes ranging from 120 to 266 net m2 in MESA Cengelkoy Bosphorus; 3+1, 3,5+1, 4+1, 4,5+1, 5+1, 5+2, 5.5+2, 6+1, 6+2 options are waiting for their owners.

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Personalized payment terms are offered in the Mesa Cengelkoy Bosphorus project.

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Mesa Cengelkoy Sales have started at Bosphorus

Mesa is back in Cengelkoy! The Mesa project, which was implemented in Cengelkoy, one of the distinguished districts of Istanbul, has a sister. MESA’s long-awaited project, MESA Cengelkoy Bosphorus, in Cengelkoy, one of the most precious locations on the Anatolian Side, Istanbul’s historical district, is on sale with special advantages and a limited number of flats. MESA Cengelkoy Bosphorus presents a life intertwined with the Bosphorus in a simple and modern language. The project provides the luxury of dominating not only the Bosphorus, but also every point of Istanbul with its ease of transportation, due to its location, which rests on centuries-old trees.

While MESA Cengelkoy Bosphorus was designed with a horizontal architectural approach, all of the flats dominate the Bosphorus and the coastline depending on the level difference. Located within the historical texture of Cengelkoy, MESA Cengelkoy Bosphorus makes it the garden of those who prefer the sea with its glass facades reaching down to the ground, wide balconies and lush terraces.

Mesa Cengelkoy Bosphorus project is 3.4 kilometers from 15 July Martyrs Bridge, 1.2 kilometers from Cengelkoy Ferry Terminal, 1.8 kilometers from the beach, 3.9 kilometers from Anadolu Hisarı, 49 kilometers from Istanbul Airport, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge It is located 6.7 kilometers from .

The MESA Cengelkoy Bosphorus project offers a 7,693 m2 green area to the flat owners, in addition to the uniquely beautiful view of Istanbul. An area of ​​240 m2 of the project is also reserved for water surfaces, and the selected hard floor materials consist of natural stones. Trees suitable for the flora of the region such as pine pine, pyramid cypress, judas tree, plane tree, oak, laurel, linden, magnolia, olive, willow, horse chestnut, walnut and maple species are preferred. In addition, it is aimed to appeal to the senses thanks to the harmony captured by the color and scent effect of the selected plants. While trees unique to Istanbul are used in the park within the project, the children’s playground in MESA Cengelkoy Bosphorus, which focuses on family life, is also greened in accordance with the landscape of the project.

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