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The Sebboy Houses project, built by BRY Construction, is being built on a 2,000 square meter land in Sancaktepe. The 6-block project has 53 apartments and 7 shops. There are 36 2+1 normal apartments, 12 2+1 roof duplexes, 5 3+1 garden duplexes and 7 warehouse shops in Sebboy Houses. In the project, 2+1 apartments have a gross size of 100, net 70 square meters, 3+1 duplexes have a gross size of 125 and net size of 105 square meters.

10.11.2017 Sebboy Houses Price List

Apartment Type                     Price Range

2+1                                  325,000 – 355,000 TL

3+1                                  450,000 – 485,000 TL

Payment Options

At Sebboy Residences, the apartments are eligible for bank loans.

Editor’s Comment

Rental income: Starts at 1,100 TL

Sebboy Houses, which were implemented in Sancaktepe, the developing region of the Anatolian Side, were developed as a project with a boutique concept. Shaped by a spacious architectural design, the project has three facades of each apartment. The apartments are ready for the session in Sebboy Houses, which has low-rise architecture. All 2+1 apartments in the project were positioned as intermediate floors and 3+1 apartments were positioned as garden and roof duplexes. The garden duplex apartments have their own garden of 35 square meters. 2+1 apartments can be rented from 1,100 TL in Sebboy Houses, where life has been going on for some time.

Sebboy Houses are located within walking distance of Turkey’s largest City Hospital, Sancaktepe metro station and Sancaktepe Police Department. Located 1 kilometer from TEM highway, the project is located 15 minutes from Atasehir and Sahiba Gokcen Airport and 10 minutes from Meydan, Buyaka and Ikea, the most comprehensive shopping center complex on the Anatolian side.

Lowest-highest house price: 325,000 TL -TL 485,000

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