Kasri ala Cengelkoy Project ISTP – 173

Kasr-ı Ala project will be provided by Omran Construction to life in Cengelkoy. Kasr-I ala
Project, which will be built on a land area of 6 thousand square meters, will have housing
options from 1+1 to 4+1. The size of the houses vary between 73 square meters and 300
square meters in the Kasr-ı Ala project, where duplex apartment options will be predominant.

09.10.2020 Kasr-ı Ala Çengelköy Price List
Apartment Type Price Range
1+1 1.700.000 – 1.700.000 TL
2+1 2.150.000 – 2.530.000 TL
3+1 3.400.000 – 3.400.000 TL
4+1 4.950.000 – 5.115.000 TL
4+2 4.600.000 – 4.600.000 TL

Payment Options
In the Kasr-ı Ala project, the apartments are eligible for a bank loan. In addition, maturity is
offered within the company.

Editor’s Comment
The Kasr-I Ala Project, which will be brought to life by Omran construction in Cengelkoy, the
favorite area of the Anatolian side of Istanbul, will be built on an area of 6 thousand square
meters. Kasr-ı Ala project, which will be spent 2 minutes away from Cengelkoy Coast, will be
brought to life as an urban transformation project. 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 and duplex apartments
will be located in the Kasr-ı Ala project housing is designed in accordance with family life.
Kasr-I ala Project, which is expected to provide a 50 percent premium to its buyer after its
delivery, is expected to take its place among the exemplary projects for the session, no
matter how high the premium rate is.
Ergin Bayram, General Manager of Omran Construction Inc., said the project was built as
6,000 square meters of common space and 85 percent green space. Bayram, who gave brief
information about the project; Kasri Ala, the first project that we will implement in Istanbul.
After that, we will have new projects. We will build luxury living spaces and grow with the
brand Kasr-ı Ala in the project names. Kasr-ı Ala comes to life as a multi-featured project
offering a luxurious and comfortable life. This project also attracts the attention of investors
with its high premium potential he said.

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