IBF Sehr-i Yildiz Project and Prices

IBF Sehr-i Yildiz Project ip-380

The IBF City-i Yıldız project, built by IBF Dogan built, consists of 26 flats in a single 13-floor block. All of my flats in the project are 3+1 and have a gross area of ​​200 square meters. Their net area is 140 square meters. There are also 6 shops in the IBF City-i Yıldız project.

17.08.2021 IBF City-i Yildiz Price List

Starting from 960.000 TL

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The flats in the IBF City-i Yıldız project are eligible for bank loans.

Editor’s Comment

Bekir Yıldız, facing the main road 50 meters in front of the rising value of Kayseri, Zumrut Mahallesi Located on the boulevard, İBF City-i Yıldız draws attention with its boutique concept. Offering a spacious life with its 200 square meter apartments and room-sized balconies, the project is very close to many points. IBF City-i Yıldız project is located 750 meters from Kadir Has Congress Center, 500 meters from Kadir Has Park, 2 kilometers from the airport, right next to the school, market and shopping areas.

Lowest flat price: 960 thousand TL

Project Features

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Outdoor parking
Central satellite system