Piramit Park Orman Project and Prices

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The Piramit Park Orman project, developed by Uc Piramit built, consists of 108 residences. The 2+1 twin villas in the project are 93.41 square meters of living space, 20 square meters of car park and 80 square meters of garden, with a total gross of 193.41 square meters. 3+1 villas have a total area of ​​246.55 square meters, including 116.55 square meters of living space, 20 square meters of car park, and 110 square meters of garden area. 1+1 flats have a gross size of 110 square meters and a net size of 43 square meters.

17.08.2021 Pyramid Park Forest Price List

Apartment Type Price Range
1+1 Starting from 400.000 TL
2+1 Starting from 775,000 TL
3+1 Starting from 1.150.000 TL

Payment Options

Residences in Pyramid Park Orman project in good condition for red.

Editor’s Comment

The Pyramid, which was built right at the foot of the forest in Dalaman, one of the most beautiful holiday spots in Turkey Park Orman project is built with inspiration from nature. The project, which is located between olive, pine and citrus trees, brings goodness and freshness to your life by allowing you to touch the trees and grass with a private garden. Offering a detached life, the large glass surfaces used on the exterior of the Pyramid Park Orman project allow the interiors to integrate with the landscape while welcoming the forest to your home. At the same time, it allows you to make maximum use of daylight.

The Pyramid Park Forest project, which was built in a wonderful area surrounded by forest, has a wide landscape area with 15 percent base settlement. In the project, where the biggest pool of the region is located, there is a covered, 2 meter wide walking path around the entire site. There are lemon pines built around the site like a half-meter wall. There are camellias, a playground and outdoor gymnastics equipment on the site, which is protected by 24-hour security and night vision security cameras.

Lowest-highest house price: 400 thousand TL-1 million 150 thousand TL

Project Features

Site Features

Outdoor swimming pool
Children’s playgrounds
Camera security
Forest landscape
Outdoor parking
Hiking trail
Sun terrace