Semt 77 Project ISTP – 355

The District 77 project, built by Yalova Group, is built on a 70 thousand square meter plot. There are 600 residences in the project, which consists of Begonya Suite and Akasya stages. There are different types of housing from 1 + 0 to 4 + 1 in the project, which has a shopping center of 50 thousand square meters. In the project, 1 + 0’s were designed as 40 square meters, 1 + 1’s as 62 square meters, 2 + 1’s as 80 to 136 square meters, 3 + 1’s as 179 square meters, 4 + 1’s as 188 square meters.

Payment Options

Apartments in the District 77 project are eligible for bank loans.

Editor’s Comment

Yalova ‘ The first and only mixed life project!

The District 77 project, which rises in Bayraktepe District in the center of Yalova, consists of a residence, home office and a shopping center. District 77 project, the first and only mixed life project of Yalova, is located adjacent to the Yalova Bus Terminal.

Semt77 Begonya Suite offers its investors more earning opportunities than large-scale real estate investments in calculating the purchase price and rental value. It is expected that real estate investment in the region will bring profit with investments such as the 400-bed state hospital, new government mansion, new traffic branch office, city bus and minibus last stops, urban forest promenade areas, which are being built around the project.

District 77 Akasya F.C has hobby rooms designed separately for each flat. Crafts, paintings, sculptures, wood, etc. It can be used for hobbies or can be used for storing food or storage.

Children are in the first place in District 77 Acacia F.C. The children’s playroom where the game sister is assigned for young children will help mothers to breathe while helping your child to socialize and socialize with other children on the site, helping to raise healthier individuals. For your slightly older children, the playground and children’s pools larger than the parent pool will be effective for your children to socialize and lead a happy life. For older children who have reached the age of adolescence, options such as music room, gym and P.S room will contribute to the children to get to know life in a well-educated and safe environment.

Lowest- house price: 310 thousand TL

Project Properties

Site Features

  •  Outdoor swimming pool
  •  Indoor swimming pool
  •  Kids swimming pool
  •  Children’s playgrounds
  •  Sauna
  •  Turkish bath
  •  Fitness center
  •  Cafe
  •  Restaurant
  •  Security
  •  Camera security
  •  Parking garage