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Elmar Towers ISTP – 328

Elmar Towers project, built by Elmar Yapı, consists of two towers with 50 floors and 177 square meters. In the project where there are 803 residences, the flats are predominantly 1 + 1 type. 1 + 1 residences have a gross area of ​​45 square meters. In the project, there are social facility areas such as SPA, swimming pool and fitness in the bedroom block between the towers. Elmar Towers project also includes a commercial area of ​​30 thousand square meters.

Payment Options

Apartments in the Elmar Towers project are eligible for bank loans.

Editor’s Comment

Elmar Towers , earned a 50 percent premium

Elmar Towers, rising on Eskişehir Road in Başkent, was developed for investors. Elmar Yapı reduces the return on investment to 10 years with its attractive and modern project. Elmar Towers, implemented by Elmar Yapı with an investment of 650 million TL, is a candidate to be one of the projects that provide the fastest return on investment in Turkey. Construction continues at full speed in Elmar Towers, which are rising on Eskişehir Road in Ankara. The project, in which 70 percent of the rough construction has been completed, is delivered in March 2018 as planned. In the project, 70 percent of which has been sold so far, the prices have been at a premium close to 50 percent compared to the launch period.

Approximately 3 thousand preliminary requests were collected for the project, which went on sale on April 18, 2015. Elmar Towers Marketing Director Oğuz said that the average rental rates of 1 + 1 type residences in Ankara vary between 1,500 and 2,500 TL, and their sizes are between 80 and 120 square meters. Stating that 1 + 1 type flats in Elmar Towers are predominantly (gross) 45 square meters, Karaer stated that the average rent of these flats will be around 2 thousand TL. “Let’s assume that an investor who buys a 45 square meter residence for 200 thousand lira rents out for 1500 lira. We have a construction period of 2.5 years ahead of us. “If the 6-month period passes for leasing, you can actually see that this project pays for itself in 7 years.” Stating that the prices in the project will increase regularly according to the sales performance, Karaer said that the early buyers will benefit from the Elmar Towers project, and the prices will increase by 60 percent after 2 years. The rents in the project start from 1.400 TL.

Salih Küsmiş, Chairman of the Board of Elmar Towers, stated that they have a 99 percent investor customer profile in the project, and that they have customers from every profession, doctors, lawyers, architects, lawyers and engineers make investment purchases in the project. Embittered continued his words as follows; “We also have clients from self-employed groups. We can say that the average age is between 30-50, young investors are in the majority. The region has a serious investment potential. Square meters in our project are small. It promises a good investment premium at affordable prices and is positioned to reduce the return on investment to 10 years. Therefore, it attracted more investors’

Lowest house price: 460 thousand TL

Project Properties

Site Features

  •  Indoor swimming pool
  •  Kids swimming pool
  •  Children’s playgrounds
  •  Sauna
  •  Fitness center
  •  SPA
  •  Market
  •  Cafe
  •  Restaurant
  •  Security
  •  Camera security
  •  Parking garage