Elmas Kule Project ISTP – 167

The Diamond Tower project, built by Gençoglu Group, consists of 60 workshops in a single block of 15 floors. In the project, which consists entirely of industrial zoning workshops, the areas of the workshops vary between 268 and 286 square meters. The delivery of the workshops in the project is done at the advanced rough level.

Payment Options

In the Diamond Tower project, a 24-month maturity is made within the company with a 25 percent down payment.

Editor’s Comment

Designed by HHS Architecture – Hüseyin Sarı, Elmas Tower is a comfortable Developed to create a workspace. Floor easement deed was prepared in the project, which consists of workshops with industrial zoning.

The Diamond Tower project, which has glass facades that can receive maximum daylight from every angle, will provide energy efficiency with standard floor heights of 4.15 meters and spacious balcony areas.

An area of ​​approximately 400 square meters in the building was reserved for a treatment plant designed in cooperation with the “Artemis Treatment” company in order to purify the chemical wastes that will occur during the production phase in the workshops and discharge them to the network in a clean manner. In addition, “Waste Gypsum Collection Rooms” were designed for the waste plaster that will come out during the production phase. The fresh air required for the independent sections to be delivered as Shell & Core is conditioned according to the season and directed to the relevant areas. In addition to the car park area for a minimum of two cars allocated specifically for each independent section, the private car park area reserved for guest vehicles, 3 for the passage between the car park areas and the lobby areas, 6 at high speed for comfortable vertical circulation between the ground floor and the upper floors. Each elevator is designed to be ready for use.

Located 500 meters from Kuyumcukent in Yenibosna, where the future of the jewelery industry is built, Elmas Tower offers the advantage of direct connection to E5 and Tem highways thanks to its location on Basın Ekspres. It will provide ease of transportation with its proximity to the new metro line, which will work integrated with Elmas Tower, Marmaray and other metro lines.

Unit price per square meter: 2 thousand 250 dollars-2 thousand 550 dollars + 18 percent VAT

Project Properties

Site Features

  • Security
  • Camera security
  • Parking garage