Yasam Plus Project ISTP – 134

Many alternative social opportunities are at Yasam Plus Bagcilar! 

The construction of the project, which was acquired by Diztas Construction under the name of Yasam Plus Bagcilar, in Istanbul Bagcilar was started in September 2014. In the project, which has a 7800 square meter land area within the scope of approximately 25 thousand square meters of construction area, 2400 square meters is completely reserved for green areas. It was presented to the project residents in July 2016. Its location indudes all means of transportation. It offers easy travel to all parts of Istanbul by public transport. Mahmutbey is within walking distance of the rail system transport station. It is located in the district of Bagcilar, dose to many private and public health organizations and private universities. 

Life at Yasam Plus Bagcilar 

Social opportunities are included in the project. Commercial units that can offer you shopping or cafeteria opportunities were induded in the project with 17 stores. Due to its central location, there are many businesses nearby where we can meet your daily needs. Children’s playgrounds, sauna, a fitness center for those who love to do sports are among the main social facilities offered to Yasam Plus Bagcilar residents. A visual richness has been added by landscaping in green areas. Importance has been given to ground survey, earthquake precautions and building inspection. Security is provided by camera systems that record 24 hours a day. 

Yasam Plus Bagcilar Apartment Plans 

Flat plans are designed with a wide usage area and are offered to customers who want to own a house. It consists of three blocks with six floors. The project indudes a total of 100 residences as 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1. 2+1 apartments offer a sufficiently large opportunity with 132-135 square meters, 3+1 apartments 170-173 square meters and 4+1 apartments with 275 square meters of usage area. Since these possibilities are offered in such a wide range in Istanbul, the prices of the apartments determine their value according to the prices in the region according to the flat plans.

About Bagcilar

Bağcılar, the third largest district in Istanbul, has extensive education, health and social opportunities. Istanbul Kemerburgaz University is one of the prominent educational institutions of the district. In addition, there is a public library with a capacity of 3068 books in Mahmutbey district. Bağcılar has a high population density and the population is constantly increasing due to the migration it receives.