Benesta Project ISTP – 76

The Benesta Bahcelievler project, implemented by Esta Construction, is being built on an area of 27,602 square meters. There are 242 1+1, 220 2+1 and 8 3+1 apartments in the project with different housing types. In addition, each block of the project, which has 40 shops, consists of 5 floors and 13 normal floors under the ground.

Payment Options

The payment terms of the Benesta Bahcelievler project are not yet clear.

Editor’s Comment

Pre-request process started in Benesta Bahcelievler

Esta Construction is signing a new project in Bahcelievler. The project, which will rise on an area of 27,602 square meters, will have 471 houses and 40 shops. In the 4-block project, the shops are only in block A and B. The project has a parking capacity of 1361 cars and has an indoor and outdoor swimming pool and landscaping areas. The land of the project called “Benesta Bahçelievler” belongs to Esta Construction.

Kabatas-Bagcilar tram line passes in front of the project, which rises very close to the E5 highway. A preliminary request for the project has begun to be collected.

*The size and prices of the apartments in the project are not yet clear.