Has Delta Project ISTP – 139

The Has Delta project, which is signed by Delta Investment Holding, is being built on a land of 12,640 square meters. The project, which has a construction area of 100,000 square meters, has a 140-bed and 5-star hotel, around 120 residences and 50 units of open street stores. In the 4-block project, the ground clearing of the blocks will be 6 floors. The 5 floors under the ground will be allocated for parking and equipment areas of the hotel.

Payment Options

Payment terms are not yet clear on the Has Delta project.

Editor’s Comment

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The project to be built on the old coke factory land located on E-5 in Bakırkoy Incirli, Istanbul, has been a subject of curiosity for some time. The name of the new project made by Has family and Delta Investment Holdings with a 50-50 percent agreement as a floor equivalent was “Has Delta”. The Has Delta project, which is intended to create a new value for the region and bring new opportunities to the environment with the project, features residence apartments, a 5-star hotel and an open street of 50 stores.

Nihat Delibalta, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Delta Investment Holdings, said that they are working to bring the factory area, which has been idle for a long time, to the region. Delibalta stated that they have implemented an important investment in the region with the project, “This is the old Coke factory. We’ll have a very good project for the region. We didn’t do a shopping mall here specifically. There will be very useful open street stores. The hotel is built with equipment to meet every need. We want to be useful to the region, to Istanbul.”

Nihat Delibalta explained the needs of the region for this project, while Ataturk Airport region gave an example of important projects such as the fairground planned to be held here and the Millet Bahcesi. “Considering all this, considering the ability of the region to be the center of attraction; we can better see how important the project on both the location and the land is.”