Batı Mahal

Batı Mahal Project ISTP – 58

The Project Offering Luxury And Detached Life In Büyükcekmece: West District 

The Istanbul-based West Mahal project is run by Yalcınlar Group, which was established as a photography firm in 1958 and entered the construction industry in 2010. Like the Gol Mahal Houses, which is the company’s previous project, the BatıMahal project appeals to the upper income group and consists of detached villas. The project, built on an area of 400,000 m2, has 150 detached and duplex villas of three different types. Büyükcekmece Göl Mevkii, M. Yesilgul Street. The project at Pelican Hill West Mahal Mansions 34500 Istanbul address was completed in 2016, but sales of villas are still ongoing. 

West District Architectural Location 

The West Quarter is located right next to the European Motorway Hadimkoy Connection Road and about 1 kilometer south of the Alkent 2000 mass housing project. Since the connection road connects directly to the E-80 highway after a few kilometers, there are no problems in transportation by car. However, due to the location, there is no public transportation service near the project. Although there are a few private schools in the immediate vicinity of the project, it is necessary to enter Bahqesehir via the highway to reach a shopping mall or hospital. However, considering the income group the project addresses, this does not constitute a disadvantage. West District residents, indoor/outdoor swimming pool, Turkish bath, game room, 24/7 security, indoor parking lot, sauna, steam room, massage room, children’s playroom with caretaker, walking track, basketball / football field, tennis court,can benefit from cafeteria and restaurant services. 

West District Flat Plans 

There are three different types of detached/duplex villas in the West Mahal project. The usage areas of these are determined as follows: 

  • Katie – gross 479 sqm 
  • Jasmine – gross 508 m2 
  • Ileria – gross 599 sqm 

Each villa also has a private garden, an outdoor swimming pool and an indoor garage, ranging in size from 1 , 700 m2 to 3,000 m2. The villas, whose ground floors are designed for daytime and the second floors for night life, are, as can be expected, equipped in a very luxurious way. 

The contractor firm offers personalized payment options in case of a one-on-one appointment.