Yeşilkaya Su

Yesilkaya Su Project ISTP – 64

A Life Where Green And Blue Are Nested: Green Collar Water 

The Istanbul-based Yesilkaya Su project is run by the joint venture of Mesa Mesken and Nurol GYO. There are many successful projects in the portfolios of these companies, which have a long history in the construction industry, such as Mesa Bodrum Demirbükü, Nurol Tower and Nurol Park. The project, which has a land area of 625,383 m2, is quite large, but 157,282 m2 of this is reserved for green areas and 22,000 m2 for water channels and ponds. Consisting of 472 detached villas each with two floors, the project appeals to the upper income group. The project, located at the address of Karaagac Neighborhood, Sırtkoy Boulevard, No:15/A Büyükcekmece/Istanbul, is planned to be completed in the first quarter of 2021. 

Green Collar Water Architectural Location 

Yesilkaya Su is located a few hundred meters north of the Alkent 2000 project and between the E-80 motorway and Büyükcekmece Lake. Due to its location, it is very far from the city center and for the same reason there is no public transportation service, school, hospital or shopping mall nearby. However, it is possible to reach Esenyurt district center and, for example, Akbati Shopping Center, in about 20 minutes via the E-80 highway. Yesilkaya Su residents; They can benefit from sauna, steam room, Turkish bath, indoor / outdoor swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court, walking track, fitness center, indoor car park and 24/7 security services at the door. 

Green Collar Water Flat Plans 

As we mentioned above, there are only detached villas in the Yesilkaya Su project. However, the gross and net usage areas of the villas differ according to their floor plans. In this context, the villas in the Yesilkaya Su project offer gross usage areas varying between 226 m2 and 379 m2. Each villa has its own indoor car park and garden area. In addition, all villas are heated and cooled with a central air conditioning system. In order to benefit from the launch prices and personal payment options in the Yesilkaya Su project, it is necessary to contact the contractor company.