Sinpas Sakli Koru Project ISTP – 9

Sinpas Sakli Koru Mansions project, built by Sinpaş GYO, was designed for large families. The project will mainly include 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 apartment types.

Payment Options

The payment terms in Sinpas Saklı Koru Mansions project are not yet clear.

Editor’s Comment

Sinpas accelerated its new projects in 2021. In addition to 5 new projects to be put up for sale under the Boulevard brand, Sinpaş GYO’s new project point will be Kucukcekmece Atakent Mahallesi. The button was pressed for the new project called “Sinpaş Hidden Protect Mansions”. Deliveries in the project will be made in 36 months.

Sinpas Saklı Koru Mansions project will be adjacent to Dumankaya Concept, Istanbul Lounge and Tema Istanbul projects.

Project Properties

Site Properties

  • Security
  • Camera security
  • Parking garage